Ordinary moments of happiness

People with that syndrome that triggers an impulse to keep a suitcase always ready under the bed better known as wanderlust has the tendency to declare and I am one of these that nothing in the world makes us  more thrilled and happier than the idea of embarking on a new journey.

Probably those ones who look at us from the outside and not fully shares the same passion, imagine us sticking at PC screen at any time of the day or night, with the finger ready to click the mouse on “book” at the materializing of the unmissable offer for the destination of our dreams, with hungry anticipation of that adrenaline rush that only a new trip can give us.


In reality this is not so, or at least not entirely. Despite the constant head in the clouds even when we’re not on a plane and eyes always turned to the globe map, we can appreciate also those moments of simplicity and ordinary happiness that come from inside, filling our life, even when within the walls of the house or walking on the streets of our city.

Those moments when I feel a vibration of pleasure that make my day have nothing exceptional, but just the taste of happiness of which I would always be able to enjoy:

A huge breakfast eaten lazily on the couch that makes me feel full up until 4 pm

The smell of coffee early in the morningcaffè

Waking up and discover that it’s sunny outside

Opening the door to Mister coming back from work with a chocolate for me

A walk in the park on Sunday afternoon

Finding out that a new leaf is growing out on my orchid

Finding the mascarpone in local supermarket here in Geneva which makes me want to prepare a tiramisu knowing that Mister will be happy

Seeing the first buds on the trees and realize that spring is coming

CaramelloLooking at Caramello sleeping next to my chair and feel that is peaceful

Being able to understand a sentence in French and reply something meaningful

Being told “do not cook anything for dinner: we are going to that ethnic restaurant you wanted to try”

Receiving a message from a friend who I have not herad from for some time

Feeling comfortable when I walk alone in my new city

Organizing to go out with new friends, understing that they have the same desire to spend time together and get to know more each other


Tell me about yourself, what are your moments of ordinary happiness? Write them below or, if you prefer, with your post!





Amante del caffè in tutte le sue forme, l'importante è che sia rigorosamente senza zucchero. Expat seriale. Innamorata del mondo in ogni sua sfumatura e latitudine, ha perso il cuore in Africa, ma finisce col cercarlo sempre in altri posti. Ne parla poco, ma ha un debole per Londra e il Medioriente.




My first morning coffee is one of the sweetest ones I have had in the last 8 years. Last night, when I went to slee

“If you don’t go to the other side of the World, are you not happy?”

“If you don’t go to the other side of the World, are you not happy?”

“If you don’t go to the other side of the World, are you not happy?” is is the question I have


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