caffe chicchi

Senza Zucchero means unsweetened.. like the coffee I prefer. Wheter it is espresso,   lungo or tall,  macchiato, drip or decaffeinated; had at the cafè close to the office or a bistro in Victoria Station; sipped on a bench in Bryant Park, made at my place or at friends’, doesn’t matter: the important thing is, it has to be with no sugar.

The inspiration of this blog actually  came in front of a mug of coffee, while my mind was wondering about the next destination, wishing to collect in a sort of diary my travel experiences and thinking of how beautiful living of travels and tales could be.

There are so many corners, so many places that remain impressed into our mind, where we have wished to stay for ever at least once. 

But I cannot stop already. So I keep boarding a train, a bus or a plane, for work, for love, to grow up. Ehm no, the moment to get stuck has not arrived yet.. 

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