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Saint Andrews, new pictures and old memories

Saint Andrews, new pictures and old memories

Nestled along the eastern coastline of Scotland, more precisely in the Kingdom of Fife, St. Andrews is a small, pretty village overlooking the North

Liebster Award
Iceland: The best in a short itinerary
My Barcelona food experience

My Barcelona food experience

It’s a matter of fact that Spanish cuisine is one of the best things on Earth. So, if the food side is a fundamental aspect of my travels, in S

London: a video and a couple of tips.

This video is a 4-minutes mix of some of the most visited places of the British Capital; a few places I’ve been to countless times but in whic

In Pictures: Windows and details
Singapore: video & tips

Singapore: video & tips

Here my video shot in the amazing Singapore and a bunch of my personal tips to enjoy the city the most. Tip #1: Moving around Singapore is extremely s